We were just getting underway on a large remodel project for our home in Los Gatos when I met Bev and hired her to help with the design. Of all the decisions we made throughout the remodel process, hiring Bev was by far the best one! Not only did I appreciate Bev’s beautiful and creative aesthetic, but knowing I could trust her incredible decisiveness was the best gift for someone like me who is easily overwhelmed by all the details.

Bev made the process easy and kept us on time in making decisions. From materials to colors, fixtures, layouts, furniture plans, and more, Bev guided us smoothly through the remodel process. She provided guidance on lighting and electrical plans, considering the flow of our house and how rooms would be used. She also made recommendations on tweaks to the plan when she saw things that could work better for us. I was amazed by the way Bev brought our vision to life, from concept to completion, with such perfection when all I could see were studs!

Bev is delightful to work with, always upbeat, a master problem solver when needed, and she has excellent communication skills and working relationships when it comes to collaborating with contractors, subs, and suppliers. Bev knows her stuff and exudes confidence you can trust. We are grateful for Bev’s expertise in helping us create a beautiful home we can enjoy for years to come!"

Jill Martin

“Having been lucky enough to work with Viguerie Interiors for more than a decade, i can gladly recommend their firm for a very individualized approach to all aspects of interior design.  Bev has a gift for knowing just what a space needs and we have always been pleasantly surprised; her attention to detail never misses.  Somehow she knows what we want and need before we do!”

Susan Kolak

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Bev on many projects in our home over the past several years.  We were  always delighted with her ideas, color sense, and solutions to design problems.
We were equally pleased with the contractors she recommended.  Bev is extremely professional and made the remodeling process very easy for us.”

Barb McIntyre

"One of the best things in my life was meeting Bev Viguerie.  I can’t sing her praises loud enough or high enough.My husband  and I met Bev approximately 15 years ago when she was working with my niece.  But it wasn’t until we asked her for help with a new home we were building in Los Gatos (approx. 3500 sq. ft.), that we realized Bev had the ability to incorporate our wishes and ideas and turn them into the home of our dreams. After our first home in Los Gatos, we purchased a home in Saratoga (approx.. 4500 sq. ft.) which needed a complete makeover.  Since we were living in Wyoming and Bev knew our likes and dislikes better than we did, we gave her the opportunity to do whatever she wanted to and we didn’t worry for one minute.  Bev gave us a home that was outstanding both inside and outside and yet warm and inviting.  Everything we wanted and more.

A couple of months ago, I moved to Saratoga Retirement Community and downsized to a 1300 sq. ft. apartment.   I showed it to Bev and she said, we could make this place absolutely beautiful.  I had my doubts because I knew I left a home that was incredibly beautiful and nothing could compare to it.  I was so wrong - you should see my apartment.  It is magnificent.   Bev does not stop until every detail is perfect and the results are perfect for my new lifestyle – she goes the extra mile not just for me but for all of her clients.  I am proud to say, I’m one of Bev Viguerie’s clients.

If you are considering an interior designer, you will be extremely pleased and happy with Viguerie Interiors."

Louise M. Ackman

"I have had the pleasure to work with Bev over the past two decades and in my opinion she is the consummate professional in Interior design. Most of her clients are referrals from previous projects she has worked on or from professionals in the business that recognize her talents. The constant theme I hear from her clients is; Bev understands the process, the schedule and, above all, is fabulous with the materials needed to orchestrate the colors, fabrics, and finishes. She works closely with the Owner and Contractor to keep the project on time and on budget. The process of remodeling and building can be enjoyable process if you have the right Interior designer. Bev is one of the best!"

"Bev Viguerie is an extremely talented Interior Designer with a special gift for getting clients exactly what they want. With years of experience, she has developed vast resources to call upon. In addition she has a unique talent for working collaboratively with vendors and subcontractors. They all seem to want to do their best for her and her clients. Bev has, at my recommendation, taken the lead on several remodeling projects to the delight of my Renovations clients...and me!" 

Warren Kaufman  | www.renovations.net

"We really appreciate all your wonderful design ideas and sourcing such refined accessories.
Thanks to you, we had such great craftsmanship from Steve Howard 
Construction, and your independent vendors. We are absolutely thrilled with our new home, we couldn't have gotten such polished results without you.
Most importantly, you made the entire design process fun! "

David Hayes

“We always turn to Bev for interior design advice, she was the first person we consulted and we love working with her.  Her recommendations and assistance are always up to date and perfect!   Her helpfulness and patience has also helped tremendously in bringing the right solutions for my husband, who loves lots of color and for myself…who believes where there is taupe there is hope! “

Mike & Linda Ballenger